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Look over the trip descriptions to find the Maine vacation paddling adventure that is right for you. We are committed to providing safe, fun filled adventures on Maine's rivers and lakes.

contact us to choose dates.

Our trips begin early the first day. We suggest, and can recommend, accommodations the night before and the night after the trip to assure smooth connections for your vacation. We typically return from our trips by early evening of the last day.

You should expect to paddle 5-6 hours per day with many breaks, float time, and long lunches. However, we will paddle in the rain, across a windy lake, or long days if the weather does not cooperate with our initial plans. At the end of the day, you can expect campfire gourmet cooking with plenty of delicious food to refuel those tired muscles.

Fully guided trips, using quality gear, tested and proven over many moons of camping and canoeing in Maine.

Please contact us to reserve your trip or ask any questions you might have.

25% discount for children 12 and under

River Trips


Allagash Wilderness Waterway pictures

Paddle through the historic logging country of Maine on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. From flat water lakes, to mild white water, to views of spectacular Allagash Falls (strictly from the banks). Explore the pristine north Maine woods. This is THE MAINE CANOE TRIPPING EXPERIENCE. If you really want to experience how your dad or your grandfather might have experienced the North Maine Woods do the Allagash River. Not much has changed over the past 100 years. Maybe a few more or less access points. Fewer camps and cabins for sure. And probably more moose then people. But, the experience is one that creates memories that last a lifetime! Time spent on the Allagash is special.

Come experience what the Allagash means to you. The upper Allagash lakes offer quiet water paddling from one great site to the next. Chase rapids offer the thrill of class II white water that can be run by all. Campsites are well maintained and include picnic tables with ridgepole, fire ring and privy. On clear nights the sky is filled with brilliant stars. On special nights, we are blessed with the aurora borealis (northern Lights). Enjoy the loons, bald eagle, moose, and all the other wildlife along the waterway. Be sure to include a camera and binoculars!

We offer 6, 8, and 10 day trips on the Allagash. The 10 day trips start at Chamberlain Bridge for the full 98 mile journey. This includes the upper lakes of Chamberlain, Eagle, and Churchill. The 8 day trip put-in is Indian Stream on the east side of Eagle Lake. It covers approximately 80 miles of the waterway. The 6 day trip begins below Churchill Dam at the start of Chase Rapids a 9 mile stretch of class II rapids.

Skill Level: Moderate - Class I-II - Experience Recommended - But Not Required
6 Days / 5 Nights

Allagash Wilderness Waterway
Days Cost
6 $1200 pp
8 $1600 pp
10 $2000 pp

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St John
St John River pictures

110-mile trip through quick water and rapids rated up to Class III white water. The upper St John flows through some of the most remote wilderness of northwestern Maine. Wildlife abounds in this untamed wilderness. Because the St John River valley drains so efficiently the only water that we depend on is the spring run-off. Unless we have a wet summer the river is just too low to paddle. This tends to reduce the overall impact on the St John River. The benefit is well maintained seldom used sites. The night sky star gazing from sites along the St John are incredible.
There are no portages and very little dead water. Whitewater knowledge is necessary, with two major class II-III rapids you must know how to read the river, and how to position your boat for some big waves... it's a cold swim. Wet suits required and available.

Skill Level: Challenging - Class III+ Experience Required
7 Days / 6 Nights

St John River
Days Cost
7 $1300 pp

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St Croix
St Croix River

Located on the eastern Maine border between New Brunswick, Canada and Maine, the St Croix river is fun to paddle whether it is your first time down or your 100th time down the river. Great for learning to read the river, learn white water strokes, and experiencing canoe tripping down a river. The 35-mile section that we paddle starts at Vanceboro, ME and we paddle to the take-out at Kellyland near Princeton, ME. This trip combines a lot of class I-II rips with nice flat water paddling for a well-rounded canoeing adventure. Though this river sees many paddlers, we start our trips mid-week to maximize our chances of encountering more wildlife then people.

Skill Level: Moderate - Class I-II Whitewater - No Experience Required

St Croix River
Days Cost
4 $800 pp

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West Branch Penobscot
W Branch Penobscot River pictures

Follow the historic route of Thoreau down this beautiful Maine waterway. Canoeing the "uppa West Branch", as the locals refer to it, is all about enjoying paddling in the Maine woods. No challenging rapids to negotiate, no portages, just quiet water paddling down one of Maine's most historically significant rivers. Our trip starts at Lobster Stream thoroughfare, we spend our first night on Lobster lake and then return to the Penobscot river. Mid-way to Chesuncook lake we camp along the river. Wildlife abounds, moose, beaver, loon, and bald eagle all find homes along this beautiful stretch of quintessential Maine forest. 

Plenty of time to wet a line, or pole up stream a ways, or maybe just sit and read, watch the river flow. Then it is on to Chesuncook lake and the remote village on the north end of the lake. After a short stop to take in civilization and a tasty treat at the Store, we continue paddling on to Gero island for our last night out.

Skill Level: Moderate - Flatwater Paddle Recommended for Experienced Canoe Campers

West Branch Penobscot River
Days Cost
4 $800 pp

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Seboeis River
- Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. Flowing along the east side of Baxter State Park, the Seboeis River flows through mixed hardwood/softwood old growth forests. This 24 mile spring paddle offers mostly quick water with short sections of class I-II rapids, with one portage. From the put-in, the river flows for 16 miles to the East Branch of the Penobscot river. 6 miles of paddling the E Branch brings us to Upper Whetstone Falls and ME Forest Serice cmpsites. The final day will be a 12 mle paddle to the take out just above Grindstone Falls. Great trip to experience the arrival of spring in northern Maine!!

Seboeis River
Days Cost
3 $500 pp

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Lake Trips

Lobster Lake
Lobster Lake

Our Lobster Lake trip offers a relaxed alternative to canoe tripping to different sites each night. This is one of the most spectacular lakes in Maine. Remote, loaded with wildlife, and beautiful campsites, with sandy beaches. Take a short morning hike up Lobster mountain, then take a refreshing dip in Lobster's cool waters. Paddle around the big island. Pick blueberries on the shores of the lake. Relax and enjoy our Dutch oven cooking or reflector oven cooking over an open fire.

Perfect for families, and folks who just want to relax, explore, and enjoy the Maine woods. We establish a base camp at a remote campsite along the shores of Lobster lake. Sleep in, read a book, nap on a sandy beach. There is plenty to explore! There are some great big rocks to jump off and swim around. Mid August brings a bounty of blueberries, ripe for the picking. Kids of all ages find an endless supply of rocks to skip, trees to identify, and stars to gaze.

Skill Level: Easy - Recommended for Family Trips & Intro to Canoe Camping

Lobster Lake
Days Cost
4 $800 pp

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Upper Richardson - The Rangeley Lakes region offers many good paddling and camping opportunities. Our favorite is Big Beaver Island at the north end of Upper Richardson Lake. This secluded site is ideal for families that want a safe introduction to Maine wilderness camping.

Mooslookmeguntic Lake - Several remote sites to choose from. Some with southern exposures that are ideal for late August and early September trips. Offering island and mainland sites, it is easy to put together a multi-day trip with several short paddle days.

Flagstaff - If you don't have the time to travel way up country, Flagstaff Lake provides good canoeing and beautiful scenery within 2 1/2 hours of Portland. Spectacular views of the Bigelow range rising up from the shores of Flagstaff Lake.

Umbagog Lake - Paddling up the flat water of the Androscoggin into Umbagog Lake, you'll enter into western Maine's pristine wildlife refuge. Nesting bald eagles, moose browsing by the shore, osprey diving for fish, and the possibility of sighting a bear make Umbagog a wildlife watcher's paradise. Bring your camera!

Contact us for more information

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail was established in 2005. It is a collection of historic canoe routes used by Native American, First Nations, and early European settlers. It brings together communities celebrating the waterway that threads it's way through them. It is rich in history captured in many small town museums, the memories of residents living along the route, and in the landscaped that has been shaped by man over time. With an excellent set of maps that describe each section in detail, we now have a wonderful opportunity to explore these waterways and these communities. With almost 350 miles of waterway to paddle and explore we are excited to explore them all with you.

Whether it is an Umbagog Lake to Rangeley Lake trip in western Maine or an extended Penobscot River to the Allagash trip; let us guide you on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. So many trip options are available on this route, work with us to plan a trip that fits your interests and desires. This route flows through several towns which provide increased lodging options; perhaps you would like an Inn to Inn paddle? Or maybe you are a whitewater paddler and you'd like a road trip to some of the hotter white water runs along the route, we can plan that trip for you.

We have paddled much of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, but not the entire Maine section. We would love to plan your trip. Be creative, the options are unlimited. And maybe we will get to explore a new section of the trail with you?

Major towns along the trail include: Rangeley; Greenville; Stratton; Jackman; Rockwood; Greenville; Allagash; Fort Kent

Major Lakes on the trail include: Umbagog; Lower & Upper Richardson; Mooselookmeguntic; Rangeley; Flagstaff; Moosehead; Chesuncook; and the lakes that make up the Allagash waterway.

Major rivers on the trail include: Rapid River, Dead River; Spencer Stream; Moose River; West Branch Penobscot River; Allagash River; and the St John River.

Plan a day trip or plan to do the entire Maine Section of the trail; we can help with logistics, resources, references, and leadership.

When to visit: May to October

Contact us for more information.

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Day Trips

Paddle a cool crisp Maine river on a warm summer day, scan the skies for bald eagles and ospreys. Climb a nearby summit, enjoy commanding views of the White Mountains to the west or catch a glimpse of the Atlantic ocean to the east. Watch for wildlife on the river banks and in the forests of pine, maple, oak, and birch. Float down the calm sections dangling your feet off the bow of your boat. Jump off a rope swing. Swim in a cool river. Enjoy nature! Enjoy the outdoors.

Within an hours drive of Portland there are several 1/2 day and full day paddles. Give us a call to arrange a trip for your family, friends, work group, or youth group. We are based locally in Windham; let us share these paddling gems.

Experience is not required!
We accommodate people of all fitness levels.

Our day outings include:
  • Canoes, paddles, lifejackets, bailer, sponge
  • Lunch / Snacks
  • Instructions / Skills Development
  • Insight on local history, Flora, and fauna
  • Maine Path & Paddle Guides provides dry bags for your use

Full day trips begin at 8 AM, and will be 6-8 hours in length.
Half day trips begin at either 8 AM or 1 PM, and will last about 3.5 hours.

What to bring?
If you are paddling we suggest clothes for swimming, a towel, and water shoes or sandals.
In addition: Sun Block, Bug Repellant, Sun Glasses, Hat with brim, Rain Gear, Camera, Binoculars, Day Pack.

Cost Full Day 1/2 Day
Adults $60 pp $35 pp
Children $35 pp $15 pp
Family - 2 adults 2 or more kids $$110 $75

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Other Options

Other Lakes & Rivers in Maine - If you are interested in paddling on a river or lake that is not on our list we will consider guiding you if we feel confident that we know the area and you have the qualifications. If we cannot guide you, we can find someone that does know the area and we can make the necessary contacts.

Group, Custom, Scout and Youth Trips - Arrange a trip for your family or group of 6 or more and choose the destination and dates that work best for you. We will work with your group to custom design a trip that meets the abilities and desires of the group. Ask about group rates.

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Family Canoe Camping Adventures

Take your kids canoeing and camping! You can do it and we know the kids can do it! We offer these trips because we have discovered that families find it pretty tough to get everything together for an outdoor vacation. With our help you and your children can discover all that wonders of nature while we take care that your canoe and camping needs are met. We know what kids are willing to do and what they are not so willing to do. For example, we establish camp once on these trips, kids don't like to make camp every night and break camp every morning. Parents really like that we prepare, cook, and clean-up all the meals.

Introductory rates for families that want a wilderness canoe camping adventure.

Special 3 day 2 night family canoe adventure for $1400.
(families of up to 2 adults, and 3 children under age 16, each additional family member $75)

This is a flatwater lake trip on one of several beautiful Maine lakes. Trip includes all the canoeing equipment; all camp gear; all cooking gear; and all the food. All you need to bring is sleeping bags and sleeping pads, and personal gear. The meals we prepare for families have children in mind, but still maintain our outdoor gourmet standards. Pancakes, bulls-eyes, and French toast for breakfast, cold cut sandwiches and chili with corn bread for lunches, and Dutch oven pizzas, steak, and grilled chicken for dinners. And of course some-mores, brownies and even ice cream for desserts.

In addition to the usual activities of hiking, wildlife watching, berry picking, and paddling, families can enjoy some of the many craft activities we offer. Including; birch bark crafts, basket making, natures necklace making, sand castles, knot tying, and many more. We'll make a rope swing, build a fort, and let your children paddle a canoe all by themselves.

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Payment, Refund & Cancellation Policies

Reservations accepted with 50% per person deposit. We accept cash, checks and PayPal payment.
We no longer accept credit cards.
(Payment Note: All Trips must be taken when scheduled or deposit is non-refundable. Deposits for canceled trips may be applied to future trips.)

If an unforeseen circumstance causes you to cancel your trip, rescheduling may be an option. Rescheduling can be in the same calendar year if the time is available, or it can be arranged for a future date.

The balance of the trip cost is due 30 days before trip.

All trip schedules may be modified and customized to meet your needs. We will do what it takes to accommodate any special needs.

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